The Next Chapter of Readeez


Michael says "HI."

Also, Michael says “Thank you!”  

Thanks for bearing with me during the long periods of radio silence about Readeez. What it's evolved into—Songeez—is something I'm very excited about. 

I hope you'll subscribe and let me know what you think. Your honest feedback will help the team make a better resource for parents. Use the coupon "SONGEEZ713" when you check out. You'll get one month free on either the All Access or All Access Premium subscriptions. 

If you decide you want the yearly premium subscription, I made a code that will save you 25% on that. It's "ULTIMATE713".

Regarding the Programs and Single Songeez on the Video page: I understand how attached kids can be to having their video or music selections "just so."  (In fact, I have a song on the topic I'll be releasing soon.) If you find that songs in a certain order work best for your child(ren), let me know and I'll see what I can do. For example, if enough families want me to make the original Readeez Volumes 1, 2 and 3 available via this new system, it's something I'll consider.