Someone needs a haircut
And it's me
Someone needs a haircut
As you see
Someone's looking all forlorn
Just because his locks ain't shorn
Time to lose some hair
Don't you agree?

Someone's hair is too big
For his head
Looks as if he just fell out of bed
And his trusty brush and comb
Just gave up and left for home
Thinking he must cut his hair instead

Later that same day
Later that same day
Later that same day

Someone's haircut didn't hurt a bit
And he got a butterscotch
At the end of it
Someone's feeling cool and clean
Not quite such a wolverine
But I miss the old me, I admit
Someone needs a haircut
And it’s me

Words and music ©Michael Rachap
Dean Jones: Drums, keyboards
Michael Rachap: Synth, vocals
Produced by Dean and Michael
Mixed by Dean
Mastered by Alan Douches

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