The Story

Songeez are made for you fresh daily by in Portland, Oregon. benefit company. Our mission is simple: To make media that improve the lives of children, families and communities around the world. 

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Our Values
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We love the joy of discovery. We encourage it in our young audiences and we celebrate it in our work. We are open-minded, wary of dogma, hungry for new experiences and new friendships.  


We feel that a considerable responsibility goes with creating products for children. We prize our relationships with our audience and refuse to allow advertisers into those relationships. In our dealings with customers and suppliers we aim for fairness, honesty and empathy. 


We believe in the transformative power of art and music. We also believe that beauty has value for its own sake. Buckminster Fuller said, "When I am working on a problem I never think about beauty. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.” We like solving problems beautifully.


We try not to take the world or ourselves too seriously. We also try not to take our work too seriously, with varying degrees of success (since we’re basically Obsessive Creative Types). Also, we’re kind of nerdy. Follow us on social media and see.


Our music and videos are gifts. We make them because we enjoy the process, and because we like sharing them. Our pricing is designed to make Songeez music and videos available to everyone, regardless of resources. 

We are also generous with our time and expertise. We document the process of making Songeez and running Fully Conscious Media. We hope to serve as mentors, both online and in person, for young artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, etc.

Lastly, we make an impact by direct giving, through our Songeez Feeds Kids program. 

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Michael Rachap

Founding Father

Michael co-created Songeez’ predecessor, Readeez, in 2004. He writes and produces the songs and videos. He also has experience in marketing, content creation and music education. He lives in Portland, Oregon. 

Marty Rachap


Marty first recorded the voice of Isabel Waters when he was six years old (and pre-transition). Today he is 18 and enjoys writing fiction, playing guitar, rock climbing, game playing, comics, filmmaking, roller derby and other stuff.

Gerry O’Neill 


Gerry is an accomplished painter and illustrator who lives with his wife and son in North Carolina. His work has appeared in numerous books and magazines. He and Michael, both natives of Maryland, have been friends for more than 30 years.

Sophie Lippert


Sophie’s experience spans fields including music performance and instruction, business management, cooking, personal wellness and more. She lives in Portland. 



Jeff wears many hats for Songeez, using his extensive knowledge of photography as well as his engineering background and marketing skills to help serve the company’s mission. He lives in Lake Tahoe.

Andy Stewart

Design Director

In addition to designing the Songeez identity standards and web site, Andy is a skilled illustrator, screen printer, and type designer. He lives in Seattle. 

Julian Waters


Professor of Music, heir to the Songeez publishing empire, father of Isabel, JW is basically a shy person, but warms up once you get to know him.



Sugar has no full-time occupation. His hobbies include writing poetry, analyzing humans and eviscerating things.

Isabel Waters 


Six-year-old Isabel loves drawing, painting, singing, skipping, running, climbing and being alive. She also loves her dad and her cat.