Our Secret Sauce: The Songs

songeez music is here (And nowhere else). And it's made with love.

‟Rachap’s masterful composition skills allow the songs to stand alone, making them equally as entertaining with or without video accompaniment.”  Warren Truitt,

Only sustainably-sourced, artisanal lyrics are used in these recordings. No minor or diminished chords or other adulterants are employed. Singing along is strongly encouraged. 

The Bigs and Littles albums contain some previous released songs. If you’ve purchased songs by Readeez in the past, you may already own some of these. See the product descriptions for contents. 

Littles MP3 Album

Even the tiniest child will respond to happy energy of "Modes of Transportation." Or the sweet reassurance of "Tonight and Every Night." These are some of Michael Rachap's bestest songs.

Contains previously released material. 

1. How 'Bout That Cow
2. A Bunch of Months
3. Modes of Transportation
4. Boomba Boom
5. Watermelon
6. Circle and Square
7. The Duck Song
8. Counting For Pleasure
9. Flip Flops
10. Michael's Phonics Song
11. Don't Hit Anybody
12. A Special Name For Twelve
13. Seven Fun-Filled Days
14. Slow Down, Partner
15. Hooray For J
16. Tonight And Every Night

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Bigs MP3 Album

Take the kids on a musical journey from sweet to silly to sublime. Equal parts entertainment and education, these songs are learning disguised as smiling.. Best suited for ages 4 and up.

Contains previously released material.

Track Listing:
1. Articles Of Clothing
2. Camel
3. Meet The Clock
4. Little Song
5. Make It Up The Mountain
6. Big In Mind
7. Love's Enough
8. You Have A Heart
9. Speculate
10. Love Your Lunch
11. Chandelier
12. The Land Of I Don't Know
13. Something You Haven't Seen
14. Sandy Beach
15. Digging The Weeds
16. 50 States Song

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Individual songs — $1

Big In Mind MP3
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Boomba Boom MP3
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A Bunch of Months MP3
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Camel MP3
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Chandelier MP3
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Circle And Square MP3
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Digging The Weeds MP3
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Don't Hit Anybody MP3
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The Duck Song MP3
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Flip Flops MP3
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Hurray For J MP3
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Little Song MP3
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Love's Enough MP3
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Love Your Lunch MP3
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Meet The Clock MP3
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Sandy Beach MP3
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Slow Down Partner MP3
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Speculate MP3
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Watermelon MP3
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You Have A Heart MP3
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