Screen time you’ll feel good about.
Discover a new world of children’s media.
Songeez combine the best of music, books and film.

There’s no shortage of media options for today’s kids. But for many parents there is a lack of quality content that puts the needs of children first.   

Songeez fills that void. When your kids are enjoying Songeez they’re getting more than an entertainment experience, more than academic experience. They’re getting the best of both worlds—learning disguised as smiling.    

In 2004, Michael Rachap and Gerry O'Neill began making Readeez videos, which have been enjoyed by millions of children in more than 80 countries. Now, with Songeez, they've expanded the team, improved the products and are happily creating new works.

who WE ARe

We’re a diverse group of creative professionals located in four U.S. cities. HQ is in the incredibly fun Portland, Oregon.

We’re supported  by a community of more than 2,000 families worldwide whose lives have been improved by Readeez (and now Songeez).   

A channel where there’s always something good on.

Make Your Computer, phone or tablet a portal for learning and fun.

Songeez videos feature endearing, hand-crafted episodes of Julian, Isabel, Sugar and friends singing dozens of writer Michael Rachap’s awardwinning songs. For just $2 per month, children get access to this expanding world of learning and fun.

The beautiful illustrations, the smart, emotionally resonant songwriting and the imaginative production combine to teach and entertain in equal measures. So the kids will be happy. And you'll be happy. 


Why Songeez?

An innovative Approach

Songeez use an original technique called SyllableSync. With this breakthrough technique kids both see and hear every syllable of every word simultaneously. It's a remarkably effective way to learn.

The Music

Songeez offers a product that’s not only highly educational, but features a high quality of music and craftsmanship. Our products are as thoughtful, beautiful, and musically brilliant as they are smart, savvy lessons.


We treasure our relationships with our audiences and will never let third parties intervene to pitch products. 

Kind words from friends

"The videos are cute and refreshingly simple, but my favorite part is the music.” 

Jeff Giles,

"Catchy, engaging videos that my kids choose over the numerous, brain cell-killing YouTube videos." 

Jacki W., boca raton, fl

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